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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Priyanka Chopra Gets Trolled For Her Mask Pic, Social Media Says ‘Yeah, That Cigarette You Smoke Won’t Kill You.’

Priyanka Chopra has been making waves recently with her performance in movies like Isn’t It Romantic and The Sky Is Pink. However, not everyone is her fan. Recently, the actress ran into some trouble on her Instagram after she uploaded a selfie in a pollution mask.

The actress is currently in Delhi shooting for one of her upcoming projects starring Rajkummar Rao. Since the pollution in Delhi has reached alarming rates, the actress wore a mask and decided to spread the message on social media. In the post, she expresses how difficult it is to cope with air pollution in the city’s capital and thanked her team for providing her with an air purifier and mask. She further went on to ask her fans to stay safe from the toxic air and prayed for those who live on the streets.

Unluckily for the actress, her good intentions were ignored by many and she was instead, trolled relentlessly. Her fans even took a dig at her smoking habit and pointed out that since she suffers from Asthma, she should be the one staying safe.

The reason why people were trolling Priyanka Chopra about smoking was because of her recent pictures husband- Nick Jonas on vacation that went viral. In the images, she is seen smoking a cigarette, despite claiming she was diagnosed with Asthma at the age of five. The global icon received a lot of flak from social media users after this incident, and a lot of trolls slammed her actions. Despite the negative attention she received, a lot of users defended her saying smoking was a personal choice and that she can make that choice.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The Big Fat Indian Wedding

priyankachopra / Instagram

This isn’t the first time the actress has caused outrage among her fans for her stance on pollution. Priyanka has been incredibly vocal about her distaste for firecrackers and the pollution they create. Starring in an anti-firecrackers Public Service Announcement (PSA), she even claimed to be an avid animal lover. In the video, the actress states that the festival of Diwali should be about ‘Love, Lights and eating Laddoos, not spreading pollution.’

However, when Priyanka and beau, Nick Jonas tied the knot in Jodhpur last year, they set off a lot of fireworks. The entire night sky was lit up with a grand fireworks display on the day of her wedding, and the people of Jodhpur expressed annoyance at the occurrence. Some even took to social media to put up images of the now infamous fireworks display. Netizens began calling her out for her hypocrisy and asked her where her love for animals and Asthma condition disappeared. Many Twitter users highlighted her ‘double standards,’ and she was trolled with a variety of hilarious memes and jokes. Many users pointed out that so many Bollywood celebrities condemn firecrackers and then put up a massive display at their own weddings. Netizens questioned why she only talked about pollution from firecrackers related to Diwali celebrations and not for weddings and other grand celebrations.

While it is perfectly okay to be outraged by the behavior of celebrities and other icons, it is not okay to continually troll them and do nothing yourself. It’s funny how these trolls feel the need to harass celebrities and attack them for their personal choices, yet do nothing when they see someone smoking in public. Instead of being social justice warriors, troll makers should use their spare time to conduct anti-pollution drives and other pollution awareness campaigns.

At the same time, as a celebrity and role model, one needs to make sure that they put their money where their mouth is. Making PSAs about air pollution and talking about asthma so openly and then going and bursting firecrackers is hypocrisy for sure.

The Crisis In Delhi

The Crisis In Delhi


The highest pollution rate in Delhi, as of today, is a staggeringly high 263 AQI. This is considered extremely unhealthy and unsafe. People suffering from breathing conditions may find it very difficult to travel or even function normally outside the safety of their homes. The air quality reached a record high of 999 AQI (which is the worst it can go) on Diwali night. The prescribed AQI limit is 60AQI. The next morning there was dense smog that engulfed upon the city, and even the rain didn’t seem to help.

Delhi had even surpassed Beijing to be at the top in terms of pollution. Before New Delhi went joined the list, Beijing was the titleholder for the most polluted city for years. The leading cause of Delhi’s pollution is vehicle and industrial emissions, dust from buildings, and smoke that is released when waste and crop residue are burned.

Priyanka may not have burst firecrackers in a major city like Delhi or Mumbai, but that doesn’t make it any less polluting. The best way to lead, is to lead by example. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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