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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

9 Things To Do As A Couple Instead Of Binge-Watching Netflix

Listen up folks, we totally get the cool appeal of Netflix. I mean, how is somebody expected to bid adieu to their AC blasting apartment even for a few hours leaving behind all the new seasons of their favorite Netflix shows? Which one’s your favorite? By the stats of social media, we’re guessing it could be that new season of Dear White People, Queer, or Glow. And most of the lovely couples think that snuggling with a blanket on the couch while watching one of these shows on Netflix is the aptest way of spending quality time with your partner. Nobody wants to head out, just for a few hours to catch that breathtaking sunrise or sunset that cannot wait while all of these Netflix shows could wait. Maybe it’s a great idea to stay indoors. But the beautiful nature outside exists for a reason, right? It loves teaching life lessons on a practical note with its splendor, unlike the Netflix shows.


All those favorite characters from your show, well they all can wait, dear couples. We’re providing you with a list of things you could do rather than just “Netflix and chill” with your SO. Pick one that interests you and head OUT.

1. Hop On-to A Bicycle

Hop On-to A Bicycle


Trust us, it’s fun! Go for an evening bicycle ride with your partner or early morning to escape the harsh rays of the sun. Ride around the most picturesque places in your city — a lake, a tank, a nice patch of green land. It’s going to give you both a tiny workout and at the same time make you both feel energetic. And many say that riding through a city on a bicycle is one of the best ways to explore.

2. Cook Together Your Favorite Meal (The Takeaway One)

Cook Together Your Favorite Meal


Do you love Pad Thai or Falafel-Hummus? Are these your takeaway dinners from your favorite restaurant downtown? Then why don’t you just find the recipe online? Head out to the nearest grocery store and get the required ingredients and start cooking it with the help of your SO. Whether the outcome of the dish is a yay or nay, you’re going to enjoy the experience of doing it.

3. DIY Decor For Your Home

DIY Decor For Your Home


Everything’s that is DIY is trending these days. If your partner and you are thinking of doing up a corner of your home from quite some time, then why not now? Sketch a plan, get the required materials and start away. You can even document this activity to watch it on TV instead of just doing the Netflix thingy!

4. Go See A Play

Go See A Play


This is better than binge-watching TV series at home. You’ll get to see live acting, experience live emotions, and maybe even meet like-minded people. So, giddy up now and go buy the tickets before they sell out.

5. Binge-watch The Sky

Binge-watch The Sky


There are many things you can binge-watch. The sky is the limit (literally!) and yeah you can head to the terrace of your home and watch the stars and just gaze at everything that’s twinkling up above. If you are the photographer type then try to capture the milky way in your lens.

6. Give Body Massages To Each Other

Give Body Massages To Each Other


Body massages are going to relieve the two of you from all the stress that you’ve been through the entire week. It’s going to get the two of you into an intimate mood too. Follow this up with a nice shower together (save water peeps) and have a nice time between the sheets. Oh! Sounds so intensely insanely romantic, isn’t it?

7. Make Travel Plans Together

Make Travel Plans Together


Sit with a world map and pick countries you always wanted to visit. Research about the best time to visit and see if anything falls within your budget. If it does, then pick a date suitable for you both and start booking your flight tickets and stay. By doing this, you’re gifting your relationship a travel experience that will help it grow like it was a positive tree.

8. Drink It Down

Drink It Down


If you love drinking then don the hat of the bartender and start making drinks like you were a mixologist. There’s nothing better than sipping some homemade cocktails and having heart-to-heart conversations under starry skies.

9. Figure Out Your Couple Rituals

Figure Out Your Couple Rituals


Figure what you both like doing the most together. Make it your couple ritual. Stick to doing it every week no matter what. Doing a couple yoga, singing together, going on walks every evening, or sipping a cup of coffee and talking about each other’s personal life outside the relationship — pick your couple ritual and practice it!

As it is we live sedentary lifestyles, why make it a notch higher by just doing Netflix and chill? Go outside, explore the beautiful world together. Grow together in new ways, let’s be thankful for having each other and most importantly, let’s show gratitude for the life we’re living together. Do you want to add anything else to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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