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Thursday, November 14, 2019

7 Subtle Signs That He’s About To Propose To You

Whether or not you and your partner have been together for a long time, if the relationship is a serious one, we’re sure that somewhere down in your heart, you’d be wondering when he’s going to pop the question to you. A proposal definitely forms for an important event in a relationship for both the individuals. And there are tons of proposal ideas out there to choose from. Some men tend to go all out and plan proposals on grand schemes. The others love to keep it simple by adding their personal touch to it. Although, there can never be anything right or wrong about a proposal as long as it’s done with sincerity and with a full meaning.


For the ladies out there, they begin to fantasize about their boyfriend proposing to them if the relationship has been serious and going happy for quite some time. And it’s totally okay for a girl to ponder over the thought of her man proposing to her. As much as she’s excited thinking about it, she’s also very nervous with a million questions running in her head. The biggest of all questions is whether she’ll be able to anticipate the timing of the proposal before it happens. Yes, there are ways through which we can tell that he’s close to getting down on his knees and proposing. Read on to know some of them.

1. He Acts Very Needily Or Nervous

He Acts Very Needily Or Nervous


Ask any man what are the most nerve-wracking moments of their lives and they’ll probably have two common answers:

  • When they need to ask a girl out for the first-ever date of their life
  • When they need to get down on their knees and propose their lady love for marriage

If you find a shift in your man’s general attitude, then you need to take cues from this. He might get very sweaty, needy, and nervous a few days before the proposal day. He’s in a very vulnerable state at that time. He’s constantly telling you how much he loves you and starts taking you down the memory lane with his talks. If he’s doing all this he is ready to ask you to spend the rest of your life with him.

2. He’s Suddenly In Saving Mode

He’s Suddenly In Saving Mode


Your man knows very well that diamonds are girls’ best friends and he’s also realized that his bank account balance is turning to be the enemy on your way to your best friend. So, if your man starts being tight-fisted, he’s planning and saving up for the big day for sure.

3. He’s Being Extremely Well-behaved

He’s Being Extremely Well-behaved


You find him being the best gentleman version of him you could ever imagine. He’s doing things like:

  • Cooking dinners for you
  • Putting the toilet seat down and making the bed for you
  • Doing laundry for the two of you
  • Asking you if he can take you out shopping

Wait, who’s this guy? Is he trying to tell you that he’s ready for a lifetime of domestic living with you? He’s definitely hinting that a proposal is coming up your way.

4. He’s Bidding Adieu To His Bachelor Activities

He’s Bidding Adieu To His Bachelor Activities


The Friday nights of his that he used to reserve for playing poker with his boy gang, he isn’t into it anymore now. He’d rather just be home with you cuddling on a couch. He’s even traded his motorcycle for a car now. He’s changed the look of his room from a boy-crazy room to a more abstractly-styled room now. He’s certainly taking the proposal step next!

5. He Wants To Spend Time With Your Parents And You

He Wants To Spend Time With Your Parents And You


If you find your boyfriend and your dad hanging out as if they were buddies forever, it’s clearly a sign that your man has told your dad about his proposal plans. And if he’s putting all efforts on getting you to spend more time with him, then he clearly is planning to pop the question any minute now.

6. He’s Non-stop Talking About The Future

He’s Non-stop Talking About The Future


The way he talks, you suddenly feel like he isn’t the commitment-phobe that he used to be at the beginning of your relationship. He’s asking things like:

  • You want us to move to an apartment or a house?
  • What are your thoughts about children?
  • What will our life be together five years from now?

These are the questions a man will ask if he’s seriously considering settling down with his girlfriend.

7. He’s Snooping Around Your Jewelry Box

He’s Snooping Around Your Jewelry Box


This is the easiest of signs to notice — he or your sister or your best friend starts asking about the size of your finger ring. If you hear him talk about jewelry all the time like:

  • “Oh, such lovely earring you’re wearing!”
  • “Hey! Princess-cut diamonds are trending again. Aren’t they lovely?”

If he’s asking such things, things are soon going to get official!

If you find your boyfriend doing any of the above-mentioned signs, your proposal fantasies are going to come true anytime soon. And all we can say is — “All the best beautiful Lady!” How did your partner propose to you? Share your beautiful story with us in the comments below.

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