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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

11 Ayurvedic DIY Treatments For Stronger And Longer Hair

Ayurveda is based on the belief that your health is determined by a balance of spirit, mind and body. It is one of the oldest holistic healing systems in the world and is practiced by many. Ayurvedic treatments are prevalent when it comes to dealing with common problems associated with taking care of one’s body, hair, and skin. These treatments have been an effective cure for strengthening hair and dealing with issues related to the hair and scalp. Read on to find out some of our tips to improve the strength and quality of hair:

1. Hibiscus Hair Mask

Hibiscus Hair Mask


Hibiscus is one of the most effective methods to grow and strengthen hair. It puts a stop to hair fall, encourages hair growth and prevents premature graying. The flower has gained popularity over time for its ability to rejuvenate and restore luster and volume to the hair.

You Will Need
  1. Two fresh hibiscus flowers
  2. One cup of aloe vera gel
  3. A mortar and pestle for grinding
  1. Use the mortar and pestle to grind the flowers
  2. Use a mixing bowl to mix both the paste and the gel together to get an even texture
  3. Apply the paste to your hair and scalp. Make sure you store the excess in a jar
  4. Leave the paste on for 45 minutes and rinse it out with lukewarm water

2. Reetha Nut Shampoo

Reetha Nut Shampoo


Reetha nuts are inexpensive and totally natural to make. You can buy them online or at your local bazaar as well. Reetha is also an effective hair cleanser that keeps your scalp healthy by removing infection-causing microorganisms.

You Will Need
  1. Five reetha soap nuts
  2. Three cups of water
  3. Five drops of lavender essential oil
  1. Put the soap nuts in a muslin bag
  2. Put the muslin bag in a saucepan with two cups of water and bring it to a boil
  3. Lower heat and simmer the mixture for twenty minutes
  4. Add a cup of water and simmer for ten minutes
  5. Remove from heat and leave it to cook
  6. Squeeze out the bag until it starts to sud. Rinse with cold water and squeeze it into the pan
  7. Store the solution in a glass jar until you can use it
  8. Massage a small amount into your hair and let it sit for five minutes

3. Methi Seed Paste

Methi Seed Paste


Methi is a generally utilized herb in many Indian households. It is a unique solution for hair fall, helps fight off dandruff, and revitalizes the scalp and strengthen hair.

You Will Need
  1. Two teaspoons of methi seeds
  2. Three tablespoons of water
  1. Fry the methi seeds in a pan and grind it into a fine powder
  2. Add the powder to a bowl and add a little bit of water to form a thick paste
  3. Apply the paste to your scalp and hair and leave it in for twenty minutes
  4. Wash it all off with some warm water and your regular shampoo

4. Shikakai Shampoo

Shikakai Shampoo


Shikakai or acacia concinna contains a high amount of vitamin C. Shikakai lowers the pH value and helps retain the natural oils present on the scalp. Thus, making it look shiny and healthy. This treatment won’t foam like a shampoo, however.

You Will Need
  1. Two to three tablespoons of ground Shikakai powder
  2. Three tablespoons of water
  1. Mix the water and powder until it forms a runny mixture
  2. Adjust the mix as needed to create an even texture
  3. Leave the wash out overnight at room temperature
  4. Apply the mixture to hair and leave for 15 minutes
  5. Use coconut oil to remove the remaining paste

5. Brahmi Hair Mask

Brahmi Hair Mask


Brahmi provides strength and nutrition to the scalp by strengthening the blood vessels. Hence, the oxygen and nutrients stimulate hair growth and lead to thicker and stronger hair.

You Will Need
  1. Brahmi powder
  2. Mixing bowl
  3. Carrier oil of your choice (we recommend amla or almond)
  1. Mix the ingredients together until they form a thick consistency
  2. Apply all over wet hair from roots to tip
  3. Cover your hair with a plastic cap for forty-five minutes

6. Cassia Hair Mask

Cassia Hair Mask


Cassia strengthens hair from the roots and helps your hair grow stronger from the inside. If you have naturally light brown or blonde hair, you might observe highlights after using it. Make sure your hair is freshly washed and not greasy before you apply the hair mask.

You Will Need
  1. Pure cassia (Cassia Obovata) powder
  2. Warm distilled water
  1. Add the cassia powder into the bowl
  2. Add water in until you achieve a smooth consistency
  3. Leave the mixture to develop overnight
  4. Apply the mixture on freshly washed and dried hair
  5. Leave the mixture in your hair for at least an hour
  6. Wash it off and use a conditioner to prevent your hair from drying

7. The Aromatic Jatamansi

The Aromatic Jatamansi


Jatamansi is an aromatic shrub known for its ability to speed up hair growth. It has been used in Ayurveda for many years and has a rich history of medicinal use. You need to use two cold-pressed carrier oils to make this aromatic and nutritious oil.

You Will Need
  1. Jatamansi powder
  2. Cold-pressed castor oil
  3. Cold-pressed coconut oil
  1. Add the Jatamansi powder into a glass jar or bowl
  2. Add 200ml of castor oil into a jar
  3. Stir the mixture to form an even consistency
  4. Add 200ml of coconut oil to dilute the mixture
  5. Place the jar in sunlight for two days and shake it every 7-8 hours
  6. Once the oil has been infused, apply it evenly from scalp to tip
  7. Leave the oil in overnight and wash with a regular shampoo

8. Neem Paste

Neem Paste


Neem is known for having regenerative hair properties and can be used as an overnight oil. Massaging neem paste into your hair can increase the circulation of blood to the scalp and enhance the growth rate.

You Will Need
  1. Neem powder
  2. Two cups of water
  1. Add the neem powder in a glass bowl according to your hair length
  2. Pour water into the bowl to give it as even, slightly grainy texture
  3. Apply the mixture on your scalp using your hands
  4. Let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it off with shampoo

9. Besan And Curd Hair Mask

Besan And Curd Hair Mask


Besan powder mixed with curd is hugely beneficial hair as it boosts and rejuvenates the scalp, which then results in hair growth. The antioxidants and beneficial bacteria can help prevent impurities and dirt from sticking to the scalp.

You Will Need
  1. A bowl of curd
  2. Besan powder
  1. Mix besan with a small amount of curd.
  2. Apply the paste on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes.
  3. Wash your hair with warm water.

10. Bhringraj



Bhringraj is a medicinal herb that grows in moist areas. It is rich in nutrients and great in strengthening hair and reducing hair fall. It helps improve blood circulation and revitalizes the hair follicles and facilitating hair growth.

You Will Need
  1. A handful of bhringraj leaves
  2. One cup of coconut oil
  3. A teaspoon of fenugreek seeds
  1. Chop the leaves
  2. Heat a cup of coconut oil
  3. Add the chopped leaves and heat the mixture for five minutes
  4. Add in fenugreek seeds
  5. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool
  6. Strain the mixture and store it in a container
  7. Apply the oil and massage gently for a nourished scalp

11. Tulsi Paste

Tulsi Paste


Tulsi is said to help improve the circulation of blood and cools down your scalp, thus reducing itchiness and dandruff. Tulsi also helps promote hair growth and strengthens hair from within. Tulsi paste is also an effective cleanser and works well with an Ayurvedic shampoo.

You Will Need
  1. Tulsi leaves
  2. Amla powder
  3. One cup of water
  4. A blender
  1. Add tulsi leaves into the blender
  2. Half a cup of amla powder
  3. Add water as needed and blend well
  4. Apply the paste on the scalp and leave it in your hair for 30 minutes

Do let us know what you think of these treatments and if you’d like to know more about the excellent benefits of Ayurveda. Also, let us know if you have a new ayurvedic recipe for healthy hair growth in the comments section below.

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